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Toyota Wheelchair Van Conversions

The Reliable

Since the Toyota Sienna was first introduced in 1998, it has established itself as one of the top options in the family-oriented minivan segment. With a multitude of standard features, a great safety record, and a reputation for reliability, the Sienna has continuously helped Toyota establish itself as more than a carmaker that produces hybrid cars. When the Sienna was first introduced, it was offered in three trim levels: CE, LE, and XLE. Now in its third generation, the Sienna offers five different trim levels, base, LE, XLE, Limited, and SE, giving consumers even more available options and features. Through the Sienna, Toyota became the first automaker to offer a factory installed auto-access seat for disabled people. Hence why the Toyota Sienna has also lent itself to be an excellent platform for a wheelchair accessible van as well. When we add our power remote bi-fold wheelchair accessible conversion onto the Toyota Sienna we believe it is one of the best looking and performing wheelchair accessible vans available on the market today. With our minimally invasive accessible conversion the Toyota leads the pack with sleek lines, reliability, and affordability for a premium converted brand.

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Side Entry Conversion

  • Power Ramp + Remote System
  • 10″ Lowered Floor
  • 28-½” Wide Ramp
  • 55″ Ramp Length
  • 800 lbs. Ramp Capacity
  • 10° Ramp Angle
  • 5-¾” Ground Clearance
  • 54-½” Door Opening Height
  • Toyota Sienna, 2011-2020
  • New or Used Chassis


Current Inventory of Toyota Vans

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  • New
  • Side Entry
  • Sienna
  • Toyota
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Where Does Our Inventory Come From? A.K.A. "Donor-Vans"

The majority of the vans we source for both our (Mobility Dealer re-sellers) and retail consumers arrive from the large rental car companies such as: Enterprise, Avis, and Budget. When rental vehicles reach pre-determined mileage limits (which vary between rental car companies) they are de-fleeted or removed from inventory, safety inspected, then offered up for sale at public dealer auctions. This is where having long term relationships in place with the Rental-Car Fleet Managers truly pay’s dividends. This relationship also allows us “first-pick” of only the best examples available on the market at that precise moment. In fact, we purchase these (pick of the litter vans) several at a time.  In doing so, it reduces our costs by avoiding additional auction and transportation fees, that would otherwise be passed onto you. By avoiding the fiercely competitive used-car market auctions, we’re able to purchase vehicles at a fair price. Unlike the retail automotive giants such as; Carmax, Drivetime, and Carvana. Which end-up paying a premium price for blemished vehicles, simply based upon market pressures to stock available inventory.

In Bob the Builder’s “Market Watch” Adaptive Vans CEO Bob “The Builder” Boston will show you what the current and available used market van prices are. Including special purchases of new vans from various automotive sources if we feel they warrant our attention.

We will then easily categorize them by each manufacturer:

Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica

This information will then be updated as wholesale market conditions change in real time. With this inside information, you’ll clearly see what you will and should pay for a van PRIOR to the conversion based upon our pass-through, insider-wholesale pricing.

So, take it from me “Bob the Builder”; Don’t overpay for a wheelchair accessible conversion because the competition refuses to provide transparent pricing. Factory direct savings means you pay a fair, non-inflated, transparent, wholesale price for the van AND the best possible conversion price available on the market now.

Give us a call today and allow my experienced Sales Team the opportunity to serve your Family through every step of the process. Because we’re not satisfied until your new accessible van is built, delivered and parked in your driveway!

Just thought you should know!

-Bob the Builder

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